Galvanized wire with high resistance for palisade (- vine / vine / viticulture) according to EN 10244-2 ÷ 2009, covered with a layer of Zinc + Aluminum 5% for resistance against rust, ideal for vineyards and trellises.
     Manufactured to meet stretching specifications, vine wire is designed exclusively for trellis of grapes, raspberries and other fruits. Ideal for mechanical harvesting.
     Packed in rolls or 25 kg coil for easy handling.

     Galvanized wire for viticulture is available in several sizes and qualities.


     1. Galvatec T100 Zinc-Aluminum 5%
Elongation max 5%

    Galvatec T100 represents the evolution of Galvatec wire and has a number of additional advantages, including, for example, less elongation (max. 5%), higher tensile strength and increased stress resistance. It is the best alternative to stainless steel wire because it has an excellent quality / price ratio.

Tensile strength 95-130 kg / mm2 (930-1275 N/mm2)

- mm -
Coil weight
- kg -
Coil length
- ml -
Breaking load
- total kg -
Weight Zn+Al
- g/m2 -
Ø 1.80 mm25 kg1250 ml330220
Ø 2.00 mm25 kg1000 ml380230
Ø 2.20 mm25 kg825 ml460240
Ø 2.40 mm25 kg700 ml590250
Ø 2.70 mm25 kg550 ml714260
Ø 3.00 mm25 kg450 ml848265
Ø 3.50 mm40 kg11651165275

Thickness available in stock:
Diam. 1.80 mm (Length = 1250 m) – coil 25 kg
Diam. 2.00 mm (Length = 1000 m) – coil 25 kg
Diam. 2.20 mm (Length = 825 m) – coil 25 kg
Diam. 2.40 mm (Length = 700 m) – coil 25 kg


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  2. Galvatec Zinc-Aluminiu 5%
Elongation max 10%

    High carbon steel wire, coated with zinc (95%) and aluminum alloy (5%).
    Galvatec wire effectively addresses the needs of modern vineyards and orchards, as it undergoes an elongation of less than 10%, maintaining the mechanical characteristics unaltered for life, even over 30 years, drastically reducing the maintenance required.

Tensile strength 65-85 kg/mm2 (637-833 N/mm2)

Diameter - mm -Coil weight - kg - Coil length - m - Breaking load - total kg -Weight Zn+Al - g/m2 -
Ø 1.80 mm25 kg1250 m195220
Ø 2.00 mm25 kg1000 m240230
Ø 2.20 mm25 kg825 m290240
Ø 2.40 mm25 kg700 m346250
Ø 2.70 mm25 kg550 m437260
Ø 3.00 mm25 kg450 m540265
Ø 3.50 mm40 kg520 m735275

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     3. Galvafort Zinc
Tensile strength 46-56 kg/mm2 (450-550 N/mm2)

Diameter - mm- Coil weight - kg -Coil length -m -Weight Zn (g/m2)
Ø 1.80 mm 25 kg1250 m230
Ø 2.00 mm 25 kg1000 m
Ø 2.20 mm 25/50 kg825/1650 m240
Ø 2.40 mm 25/50 kg700/1400 m260
Ø 2.70 mm 25/50 kg550/1100 m260
Ø 3.00 mm 25/50 kg450/900 m275
Ø 3.50 mm 40/50 kg520/650 m285

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Comparison Galvatec T100 (elongation5%) and galvanized wire according to EN10244-2

Diameter - mm -Coil length- ml -Breaking load - kg -
Galvanized wire Galvatec T100Galvanized wire Galvatec T100Galvanized wire Galvatec T100


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