Lemetal Com Srl is a Romanian company founded in 1999 having as field of activity the distribution of metallurgical products, especially of wire products used in the manufacturing process in different fields: industry, agriculture, etc. The head office is located in Bucharest, having storage spaces in Ilfov and Sibiu with the possibility of distribution throughout the country. Among the most sold products we present:

– carbon steel spring wire according to EN10270-1;
– oil hardened wire according to EN10270-2;
– stainless steel spring wire according to EN10270-3;
– cold rolled strip according to EN10132-2 / 3/4 and EN10139;
– carbon steel and alloys: round, square, wide, hexagonal;
– galvanized wire for palisade-vine;

    During the over 20 years of activity, Lemetal Com responds with seriousness, professionalism and promptness to any request from customers offering consulting and high quality products for the automotive industry, spring production, and the agricultural sector in Romania.

    Since 2018, we have also turned our attention to the viticultural field, thus supporting the traditions and fame of Romanian wine worldwide; we quickly deliver from stock the best quality wire (here we have reversed the order of the words) for the vine, facilitating the purchase of coils through the presentation site, through the implementation of the online store, support and payments.

    We offer you a fleet of trucks with a maximum authorized mass of 12 tons and forklifts for the handling and distribution of goods both in a palletized and courier system.


    Our mission is to offer quality products to steel producers and users throughout Romania for optimal products and results, thus aiming at having top long-term financial performance by integrating sustainability into our business strategy, while having a positive impact on society and the environment.

Lemetal Com SRL
Tel: (+4) 0722.662.341 / (+4) 0749.260.259 / (+4) 0770.368.891
E-mail: office@lemetalcom.ro

Bucharest headquarters
Calea Calarasi, no. 307, sector 3, Bucharest
Tel: (+4) 0722.662.341 / (+4) 0749.260.259 / (+4) 0770.368.891
Fax: (+4) 031.424.60.60


Buftea, Sos. Bucuresti-Targoviste, no. 19A, Ilfov County
Tel: (+4) 0722.662.341 / (+4) 0770.368.891 Fax: (+4) 021.323.88.31

Warehouse Sibiu / Sura Mica – GOOD DELIVERY ONLY ON ORDER.

Sibiu, Sura Mica Industrial Park, 557270
Tel: (+4) 0722.662.341 / (+4) 0749.260.259 / +40770.368.891 Fax: (+4) 031.424.60.60